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Julia Tedd

“Learning through stories”

Julia’s books are specifically written to support learning complex grammar. She recommends the books are read to babies (for early acquisition of the structures), and that children read the books to adults or peers to become familiar with producing the structures. She works with professionals and schools to design lesson plans around the book. Julia’s books can help with the exposure to structures needed to acquire proficient English language use.

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Night-time Cat and Box Cat

In the story, Ginger the Night-time Cat becomes playful and mischievous at night but not for the wonderful reasons the author imagines at the start of the book. Find out what Ginger really gets up to when everyone else is trying to sleep!

Night-time Cat is a fun story for any child, but it also contains a few slightly more advanced grammar sentences. It is only through hearing and reading these types of grammar sentences that children can learn them. This type of grammar is especially helpful for understanding school subjects such as science, history and maths.

So, children will love listening to, or reading, the story of this mischievous Night-time Cat, and will be learning too!

Readers’ reviews

“Delightful story for children, introducing interesting language with lots of new words for little minds. Beautifully illustrated, engaging book that my grandchildren loved!”


“I really enjoyed reading this story, and I think anyone who has ever had a pet cat (or dog for that matter) will relate to the mischievous, yet playful, night-time antics.”

SAM, Parent review

“Night-time cat’s antics have been artfully recreated into imaginative scenarios using hypothetical language in a fun, creative format… I’ve often struggled to find books that expose younger children to complex structures. This book not only teaches the understanding of hypothetical grammar structures in an implicit, entertaining way, but it also promotes speaking by being the perfect framework within which children can create their own scenarios and express them through a range of modes e.g. drama, drawings, writing etc.  This book is a must for both parents and teachers developing children’s academic skills implicitly from a young age.”


About Julia & Ginger

Julia strongly believes that every child should have the opportunity to fulfil their potential. She also loves cats. Night-time Cat, based on her own rescue cat Ginger, combines these two passions.

Dr. Julia Badger (nom de plume – Julia Tedd), a Senior Research Associate at the University of Oxford, has used her research insights to write a children’s book aimed at improving young children’s grammar knowledge by exposing them to complex structures at a young age. With exposure comes acquisition. With acquisition, children can begin to reach their potential at school.

Ginger is a 6-year-old rescue cat. He is the fluffiest and friendliest cat you’ll meet – but he is also very mischievous during the night. After waking up Julia every hour during the night for almost two years, Julia decided to turn Ginger’s night-time antics into a funny storybook.


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Julia will happily sign and / or dedicate a book. If you have ordered a book on this site, then send an email with your name and request.


If you would like Julia to come to your school for storytime reading and crafts, please get in touch!

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